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Apple Store opens up its virtual doors for iPhone 4 pre-orders

Apple Store opens up its virtual doors for iPhone 4 pre-orders
For a good majority of people waking up this morning, the onset of having to go to work can make some roll out of bed ever so slowly as they probably dread knowing that there might be a long day ahead of them. Actually, others are wide awake with eagerness as today marks the first day to get a chance in grabbing an iPhone 4 pre-order. As of right now, you can go to Apple's web site and attempt to get your pre-order before it's all taken up, but it happens to show the black version being the only one available. We've heard rumors before that the white version might not make it to the market until at a later time as we find pre-orders are not available for it right now. Naturally for those who are intent in getting the device on day one, grabbing yourself a pre-order right now will guarantee that your prized handset will arrive at your doorstep when June 24th comes around. However, there are reports that some are experiencing issues in trying to get theirs through Apple's site, thankfully others are saying that they are getting better luck through AT&T's web site. If neither happens to float your boat, there are also a handful of alternatives at your disposal such as checking out Best Buy and RadioShack locations where it's known that pre-orders will be up for grabs.

Apple iPhone 4 Specifications

source: Apple via TiPB


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