Did your AirPods battery life degrade significantly with time?

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Battery chemistry is a complex matter, and the constant charging and discharging complicate it even further. While Li-ion batteries are rated at a certain nominal capacity, the rate of discharge makes a huge difference in endurance and life span. 

Draining the battery at a constant average level of workload is one thing, but introducing sudden peak bursts or steady heavy loads will exponentially alter the rate of discharge to the faster side, and this is double true for smaller capacities, like, ahem, those 93mAh units in your AirPods.

The packs inside are both with miniscule capacity, and subjected to abnormal rates of constant charging and discharging, the worst of both worlds for tiny batteries. Some people use only one AirPod at a time, others listen until the battery is completely dead and then recharge fully - the true wireless earbuds' usage is a far cry from a large phone battery that you usually charge in the evening, and that's that.

An AirPod replacement, however, is $69 each, while the Pro model will net you $89 if you lose one, or if the battery life shortens abnormally with time, and those true wireless buds may very well turn out to be a disposable commodity.

This is why, in light with the revelation that the new AirPods Pro battery is not really replaceable, we wanted to ask you if you have noticed any significant degradation of your vintage AirPods battery life with time. We stress on significant, as a normal drop in nominal capacity is expected with every battery over time. Tell us what battery life were you getting in the beginning with your type of usage, and what did it become after two, or maybe even one year of daily wear and tear.

Did your AirPods' battery life degrade significantly with time?

It did shorten a little, but nothing out of the ordinary

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