What would Steve Jobs do? Apple betting big on the sales of its largest iPhone ever, the X Plus


Apple's founder might have raised an eyebrow or two if someone told him that in 2018 the company will be ordering 45 million 6.46" panels for an upcoming iPhone, making it the potential largest seller of a big-screen handset model globally. Yet, that's precisely what a Korean industry publication is claiming today. 

Apple is allegedly pretty optimistic about the sales potential of its largest handset ever, the rumored 6.4" iPhone X Plus, or whatever it lands as. Shortly after the OG iPhone was introduced, Steve Jobs mocked larger handset around saying you can't even reach everywhere with your thumb, so nobody will be buying those.

With today's shrinking bezels and rampant media consumption on mobile, however, the thought of a 6"+ iPhone surprises nobody anymore. The report claims that Apple has put orders of 45 million 6.46" panels for the X Plus, 25 million for the 5.8" iPhone X successor, and about 30 million for the basic iPhone with 6.1" LCD display

That's in stark contrast with analyst estimates about the potential 100 million unit sales of the cheaper LCD model, but let's not forget that Apple may have run into yield issues with its panel quality that also needs to accommodate a TrueDepth camera kit notch. These manufacturing problems may cause a release delay, and the OLED iPhones could have a headstart before the LCD one if JDI's screen yields don't improve into the summer. 

Long story short, it's the largest, 6.46" X Plus that Apple may be betting on to be the most interested model in the 2018 lineup. "The order is focused on 6.46-inch OLEDs only for the initial quantities," according to a display industry insider, yet "the [order] may be adjusted for consumer reactions since the September product launch."

There have rarely been so many iPhone owners with handsets that are at least two years old, waiting on the sides for an upgrade, so the rumored trio of new iPhones this year could ignite the long-awaited "super-cycle" for Apple. 

source: The Bell (translated) via Telefoonabonnement.nl

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