AppZilla packages 40 handy Android apps for a buck, more on the way

AppZilla packages 40 handy Android apps for a buck, more on the way
Loading up your brand spanking new handset with apps can be one of the most cherished experiences for some, and a total nuisance for others.

For the second batch, there are prepackaged app aggregators like AppZilla, which is basking into some fame at the App Store in a "90 in 1" form, and is now arriving at Android Market as "AppZilla : 40 in 1".

The app includes many useful little pieces of software, which otherwise you will have to get one by one, and, which is worse, you only think about them when you need them, and don't always have Internet access to get to Android Market. Granted, the iOS version is called 90 in 1, but among the Android's 40 apps are most staples, so no biggie for now, especially considering the price of a buck.

The apps range from utilities like translators, flashlights and currency converters, to games and random facts generator. Upon start, you are presented with a list of the apps in categories, so you don't have to swipe through your menu screens relentlessly to find where you put Surface Level, for example.

The developers of AppZilla :40 in 1 for Android are promising many more apps with the next free update, so your iOS buddies won't have the bragging rights for long.

source: FossilSoftware (AndroidMarket) via AndroidAuthority


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