App developers hypnotized by potential of Apple's iPad

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App developers hypnotized by potential of Apple's iPad
As soon as Steve Jobs held up the Apple iPad for all to admire on January 27th, it was off to the races for third party app developers. According to analytics firm Flurry, since the introduction of Apple's glorious tablet, there has been a 185% increase in third party app starts. Peter Farago, vp of marketing for Flurry, wrote on his company's blog on Monday, "We continue to attribute this growth to excitement generated by the impending launch of iPad...a large portion of the applications we are seeing are custom version of existing applications tailors for the iPad." The 185% jump in app starts measures the period following the iPad's introduction on January 27th through now compared with the pre-announcement period of August-December 2009.

Further analysis by Flurry shows that 22% of the iPhone's apps are created by on-line centric companies. 20% comes from firms created specifically to develop apps for the iPhone. Traditional gaming companies are responsible for 19% of the apps in the App Store while traditional media companies-like Disney-and brick and mortar firms are both creating 17% of the apps. 5% are coming from mobile-centric companies. Apple has promised 150,000 apps will be available by the time the iPad is launched on April 3rd while a research report by IDC says that by the time the seconds are ticking away on 2010, there will be 300,000 choices to install on your iPhone, iPod or iPad at the App Store.

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source: Flurry via eWEEK



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