Anyone planning on buying a smartwatch anytime soon?

Buying a watch soon?
Smartwatches are definitely a thing now and it looks like they are here to stay. Samsung has one on sale, Sony has released a couple of models already, and even Apple is probably going to join the party before this year is out. Then there's the Qualcomm Toq, the Pebble Steel, the Neptune Pine, the Meta smartwatch, and all the other smart timepieces that are (or will be) fighting for a chunk of the smartwatch market. 

But really, why have tech companies grown so keen on smartwatches all of a sudden? Is there any reasonable demand for such a product? Well, that's the question we'll try to find answer to with today's poll. Cast your votes below and let us know if you'll be considering yourself a proud smartwatch owner anytime soon.

Will you be buying yourself a smartwatch anytime soon?

I have a smartwatch already
I will be buying one soon
I will wait until they get better
I will wait until they get cheaper
I will buy a smartwatch only if it has an Apple logo on it
Not interested

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