Annoyed by the iPhone 5 purple lens flare issue? This case can fix it

Apple iPhone 5 purple lens flare
Although Apple finds it completely normal, the purple tint present on some photos taken with the iPhone 5 can be pretty annoying. The imperfection appears in the corner of the image whenever a light source is near the edge of the camera's viewfinder. Could there be a cheap and easy way to take care of it?

It seems so as an Illinois-based company called Fotodiox has unveiled a case that is meant to "greatly reduce purple lens flare." camHoodie, as the accessory is called, uses no high-tech to eliminate the problem. Rather, it just shields the camera lens with a rubber ring, which prevents light from entering from certain angles. And judging by the sample photos, camHoodie seems to live up to its maker's claims. 

The accessory is available for $24,95, so anyone who is interested can check it out at its maker's web site (which is currently down for some reason, so be patient). 

source: Fotodiox via CNET

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