Android version of Skyfire downloaded over 1 million times from Android Market

Android version of Skyfire downloaded over 1 million times from Android Market
Not every Android phone has Android 2.2 running the show. For those handsets stuck on Android 2.1 or lower, the Skyfire browser is a great application to install because of its ability to play Flash videos. Many of those using a smartphone with Google's open source OS agree, because so far the browser has been downloaded over 1 million times from the Android Market, placing it in the top .02% of all products in the Market.

Additionally, Skyfire can now be installed on some of the newly launched Android phones like the Epic 4G, Samsung Galaxy S, the DROID brothers (X and 2),  HTC Droid Incredible and EVO 4G. And while the browser really struts its stuff on units needing a way to view Flash videos, the software will still work on devices running Android 2.2.

Thanks to the cloud technology used by the browser, video data consumption is reduced by 75% on Skyfire which makes loading a site faster and at the same time, possibly saving the user some money. The browser features a toolbar called SkyBar which not only allows you to watch previously unavailable video content, but also gives you updated information on the topics that you browse and  makes it easier to share content with your social networks.

To obtain the latest build of the Skyfire browser for Android, click on this link, or head over to the Android Market.

source: DailyMobile



1. miguelo unregistered

just downloaded it works great.

2. Incredible owner unregistered

How exactly would it work? If i download it does it replace my existing browser? Does existing browser stay and the Skyfire is added as a Icon to choose to go onto the Internet with? Please clarify for me please. I am new to this smartphone stuff.

3. XxVerbalxX unregistered

it looks just like another app on the phone and doesnt replace your browser. You also get the choice to make it your default browser, so when u open a link it opens in skyfire, not the stock browser. but no, it wont replace it, you can still use the default one too.

4. Incredible Owner unregistered

thanks for the info. I downloaded it.. It looks busy on the home screen, is that normal. On my regular Internet brower, i click on it and only thing that comes up is Google. on Skyfire i click on it and its a busy page, alot of stuff all over it...its confusing. Should my settings be something specific? Should i config a certain way?

5. Incredible Owner unregistered

Also, i tried going to Hulu and nothing played...just like my current browser, am i doing something wrong. I am running Froyo 2.2 Firmware

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