Android user accidentally sexts his mom, blames third party SMS app

Android user accidentally sexts his mom, blames third party SMS app
There are a lot of things that can be embarrassing, but right at the top of the list has to be accidentally sexting your mom. Just the thought of it will make many of our readers cringe. One anonymous Android user, who uses the third party messaging app hello was planning on sending to his mom a picture of a car that he was interested in buying. But he accidentally clicked on a picture of his private parts which he was storing on his phone.

What our unfortunate friend didn't know was that with hello, once a picture is tapped, it is sent immediately to the recipient without a chance to preview the photo or change it. As he wrote on his Reddit page, "dinner is going to be $%&*!#@ awkward for Thanksgiving."

But we can learn something from this. One, don't leave any embarrassing pictures of yourself on your phone, and if you are using hello, realize that as soon as a picture is tapped, it is being sent out.

source: Reddit via Phandroid


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