Android sees 1074% worldwide growth from 2008

Android sees 1074% worldwide growth from 2008
Before looking into this, just think back to the fall of 2008 when T-Mobile unleashed the G1 to consumers who've been waiting to get their hands on the first ever Android phone. The next thing you know is that 2008 was over and the dawn of 2009 was here – with that, it brought along the rise of Android to its prestigious beginnings. Canalys reports that 2009 laid claim to the fundamental rise of the Android platform in the world market – roughly 7.7 million Android powered handsets were sold in 2009 which made up approximately 4.7 percent of the overall smartphone sales. When you compare that to figures from 2008, it clearly defines their notoriety in the market with a 1,074 percent growth from 2008 – which is looking to lay claim to the world's number two operating system by 2013. Although they posted an extraordinary amount of growth in a single year, they're still far away from the tight grasp that Symbian holds at 47.2 percent of the share in 2009. The biggest loser by far through this whole experience is none other than Windows Mobile – posting a -26.4 percent decline from 2008. Still not out of contention, Microsoft may be brewing something spectacular as we head into the beginnings of MWC. With Android  growing and gaining support, we'll see how it manages to evolve itself in order to keep things fresh for the many users out there.

source: Canalys via Android Guys



1. ibap

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Any growth from zero is infinite.

2. VDubb

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Not bright, are you? Notice they gave a finite number, meaning there were sales in 2008. Namely the T-Mobile G1.

4. Fan_of_Fanboys

Posts: 101; Member since: Nov 13, 2008

VDubb not sure why people have your comment ranked down. ibap has piss poor reading comprehension and you did your best to enlighten him. And what morons scored ibap comment up? he was wrong. we all are from time to time, maybe he misunderstood so no biggie. but what dumbass scored his comment up?

3. vzw fanman

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5. corporateJP

Posts: 2458; Member since: Nov 28, 2009

RIM's days are numbered as well. My local retailer hasn't sold more than two Blackberries since Droid dropped. Hopefully for Microsoft's sake, they bring something decent to the table, because EVERY version of Windows Mobile is Swiss cheese. Google has the only stable, user-friendly operating system with few holes on the market. F*** Apple, cowards want full control of their OS, no Flash, no physical keyboard, no other options.

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