Android robot appears on Sheldon's desk in "The Big Bang Theory"

Android robot appears on Sheldon's desk in "The Big Bang Theory"
We are big fans of "The Big Bang Theory" here, so we were amused to notice the little green robot that is the symbol of the Android mobile OS, displayed prominently on Sheldon Cooper's desk in episode 10 of the current season. The toy is sitting on the right side of his laptop, and now we are waiting for the first mention of Android by any of the cast members. The scene starts at around 14:10 into the episode.

Not that the appearance of the Android mascot in a show about geeks is surprising, but the whole cast is usually equipped with iPhones. Sheldon is our favorite character, and the geekiest kid on the block over there, so maybe it's no wonder the producers thought that the little green robot will blend in perfectly with the assorted geeky paraphernalia on his desk. Well, at $200 000 per episode, he can afford any Android gadget out there.



2. buggerrer

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umm, you better get glasses or know what the article's author is talking about. Let me guide you: - Center your eyes on Sheldon - Look down towards the pencils - Look between the mouse and the pencils. - That's the Android mascot. - Now look back up to the laptop's Alienware logo. - Walk towards a mirror - Call yourself an idiot.

1. meganmcmuffin

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Actually... it's the Alienware logo. Sorry.

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