Android powered smart helmet produced by DAQRI

Android powered Smart Helmet produced by DAQRI is not for play time
The latest in Android powered wearables is a Smart Helmet. Produced by DAQRI, the helmet sports a visor, cameras and sensors, and is designed to be used by the lunch-pail set. This sets it apart from Google Glass. DAQRI president Andy Lowery has promised to "spare no expense," which means that the helmet could have a price in the thousands of dollars.

The Smart Helmet is powered by two Snapdragon processors, and can pair with a smartphone or a smartwatch. It can be used to visually superimpose instructions on the visor, as an engineer is working to repair a rather complex piece of machinery. It can be used during inspections of expensive equipment before a product is shipped. Data is saved on flash cartridges.

The DAQRI helmet obviously doesn't have the same target audience as Google Glass has. This isn't a product that you casually put on before heading out to a bar or restaurant. And even though Google Glass might be able to handle some of the tasks that the helmet will be asked to perform, Daqri users won't be snapping pictures to post on Instagram. In fact, the cameras will be used to document what workers are doing, allowing another set of eyes to take a good look at the production and inspection of machinery.

The DAQRI Smart Helmet is expected to be launched next month. You can learn more about it by clicking on the video below.

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source: WSJ

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