A day in the life of an Android user... or the private info Google collects from dawn till dusk

A day in the life of an Android user... or the private info Google collects from dawn till dusk
Tucked in his research publication called "Google Data Collection," computer science professor Douglas C. Schmidt reveals that idle Android devices ping Google ten times more often than Apple's iPhones report to the spaceship campus in Cupertino. 

That's only valid for your leisure from smartphones time, once you start perusing your Android as its creator intended, you will be sending exponentially more info to Google's servers to store, crunch, and feed into its advertising machine. 

If it's free, you may be the product, a wise man once said, and Apple has used exactly that defense when faced with questions about its own user privacy practices: "the customer is not our product." Well, the cold, hard number in the report linked below prove Apple right, here's what Professor Schimdt found out in a nutshell again:

In light of the Associated Press revelations that Google pings your whereabouts even if you have turned off location tracking, this latest report is not hard to believe either. If you have the patience, read the report in its entirety, it again confirms that Google tracks you even if you have Wi-fi and Bluetooth off, via the "scanning" option in settings.

Not that Google does nefarious things with the data it collects, as it is mostly used for better targeting their bread-and-butter ad business, but the sheer fact that Google can associate anonymous user data with personal accounts' info, is not what we'd call a privacy non-event. The most fascinating part of the report, however, is the infographic below, detailing all the subtle ways Google connects with your personal life throughout the day, ready to pick up your dropped jaw?


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