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"Android can never be as smooth as iOS" myth busted

"Android can never be as smooth as iOS" myth busted
Two months ago, a Google intern kicked off a discussion about why Android is laggy: a sore point in the hearts of Android fans, and gave what seemed like a pretty legitimate explanation to non-developers. It spurred a huge discussion not only on the Internet, but right here with arguments being brought by both sides. 

In a nutshell, the former Google intern Andrew Munn said that UI rendering is happening as a main thread in Android while in iOS it’s in a dedicated thread given a real-time priority and that is why many find Android laggy. Moreover, Munn suggested that that’s an inherent flaw of the way Android is built. That’s why Android was to remain somewhat laggy despite dual and quad-core chips roaring under the hood, and actually whatever hardware is thrown in an Android device. We definitely advise you to check out Munn's first post to get all the details he touches on.

However in the recent months many people who really are experts in threaded programming in particular and Android at large have chimed in with comments saying Munn’s statement is uninformed at best and misleading at worst and his conclusions are simply false. We have to admit, that the technicality of Munn’s first post was very convincing to us as well, especially given the fact that Android and apps built for it are indeed often laggy.

The experts have a different opinion, though, and it’s backed by more experience and facts. So here’s the other side: Jay Freeman who made Cydia says that Munn’s post is “simply wrong,” Bob Lee, CTO of Square and former Android core library lead described it as “fallacies” and Matthew Chaboud, senior engineer at Avid brusquely concluded: “uninformed crap.”

Before we quote the developers, let us first include their own disclaimer: “While I'd love to explain why Android is laggy, while iOS, WP7 etc are fluid, I can't. I cannot claim that I know how a lot of little issues managed to cascade to an inferior experience for many of us.”

So with no further ado, here’s the details on all the fallacies of Munn’s initial post:

Matthew Chaboud, Senior Software Engineer at Avid:

Bob Lee, CTO of Square and former Android core library lead:

Jay Freeman's, iOS developer and developer of Cydia:

Brent Royal-Gordon, iOS developer:

All of this argues with Munn's arguments, but not with the existence of the problem itself. And it exists, at least if you ask the majority of Android users. Have you encountered any additional arguments explaining why? Don't hesitate to share your them along with your opinions in the comments below.

source: Andrew Munn via TheVerge

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