Android app ToothTag automates events on your device

Android app ToothTag automates events on your device
If you are looking for a way to make your Android device a bit smarter than it already is, you should really check ToothTag out. The free application for Android 2.1 and above is the brainstorm child of the developers from NeuAer and is intended to make your life easier, and possibly more fun, by automating events on your device. The idea behind the works of the app is fairly simple, but that is the beauty of it.

Basically, ToothTag can “see” and “tag” NFC-, Wi-Fi-, and Bluetooth-enabled devices such as headsets, laptops, mobile phones, and access points. As soon as the tagged devices are in reach or lose visibility, the app acts just as you have previously instructed it to. Just think about it! Automatically dropping a pin with your current location on Google Maps as soon as you exit your car, playing the theme from “The good, the bad and the ugly” when you enter your favorite bar, notifying you when your ex is nearby in the same club as you are so that you can bail out in time, the possibilities may be only limited by your creativity.

A version for the iPhone 4 is said to be coming in the future even though the handset does not cover the hardware requirements for the app completely. On the other hand, Android users can grab it from the Android Market right away. Feel free to share your most creative ideas with us in the comments!

source: NeuAer via Yahoo! News

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