Android 3.0 Honeycomb Walkthrough

When a new product segment begins to gain relevance in the market, some companies out there are quick to jump on the bandwagon and crank out devices that might not fully grasp the full potential of what it’s sought out to accomplish. Interestingly enough, we’re seeing that all too evident in the Android tablet market as some manufacturers hastily come up with tablets that don’t necessarily take advantage of the new medium, but even worse, they essentially emulate the smartphone experience. Call it an outcry or something, but with that type of mentality, you pretty much place a death sentence on that particular device. Thankfully though, Google decided to intervene before the market is saturated with these so-called tablets that are simply giant sized smartphones at their core.

Clearly Apple has a head start in this thriving new market, but now that Android 3.0 Honeycomb is finally here, we’ve got something that realizes the specialty that’s needed in order to provide an encompassing experience. Although it improves upon some of the core foundations brought along by previous versions of Android, this one is specifically catered to adapt to the increasing functionality that is coming around with tablets. So let’s take a closer look shall we?

Android 3.0 Honeycomb – just another iterative creation?

Fragmentation is one common theme that we see splattered across Android since many devices decide to pour their own unique spin on the open platform. Although it’s still a widespread occurrence among Android smartphones, some were curious to know whether or not it would continue to show prominence among the increasing amount of Android tablets coming to market. Luckily, Google decided to firmly ensure that the experience wouldn’t be simply a rehash of the current mobile platform on smartphones, but rather, a totally new one that would envelop all the qualities and functionality that would glorify the overall tablet experience.

Being a long time user of the Android platform, we were a little bit overwhelmed when we finally got to check out the new Honeycomb experience for the very first time. Strangely, it felt somewhat so foreign at first, as if were something completely new and different, but we soon realized that its visual presentation plays a crucial role in giving it that substantial iterative look and feel.

On the surface, the mostly holographic cues enable the platform to look so futuristic over things that we currently see in the world of mobile OSs. And rightfully so, it tantalizes us with its strategic implementation of highlighted borders, mostly found with icons and widgets, to emulate the look of light being forced through translucent tubes. It’s actually these kinds of small details on the visual side that provide the wow factor you’d want to see with any new platform out there – and it’s done very well to give it enough character over previous versions of Android.

However, after being presented with all the eye pleasing graphical eye candy exhibited by the platform, we find ourselves quickly realizing that it’s very much the same old Android underneath it all. Now it doesn’t mean that it solely focuses on presentation, but it does keep in mind all the whole hearted practicalities we’re so used to finding with Android – like its rich personalization. Still, it’s rather inviting to see that they’ve built upon the foundations of Android, and molded it into something new that’s positively optimized for the tablet segment.



7. Concerned Site User unregistered

Please take no offense from this comment; I mean none by it and only want to improve the quality of the site. You guys really need to get a new person to narrate the video reviews. Regardless of his product knowledge or status in the organization, he is not the right person to do video reviews due to his speech impediment. It is distracting and makes the reviews unpleasant to view.

8. it's ok unregistered

Wouldn't agree with you! Not knowing English very well, I find this review quite good.

6. surfy101

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I really hope Google puts in the feature for making mobile phone call, especially when the tablet has the 3G built-in. This will set it apart from iPad, much like what the first Galaxy Tab does. Some telcos allow multiple SIM cards tied to a number, which will allow a 2nd SIM to be used on the tablet and to make calls.

3. HoneycombFTW unregistered

A very thorough walk-through! One of the better ones I've seen. I really like the new Honeycomb UI for Android. It's very intuitive and easy to use while still retaining all the flexibility of Android. For a "1.0" UI I think the Android team did a pretty darn good job, and I'm sure it will get a lot better very quickly. I agree with the keyboard--I don't know why they didn't just give a full normal keyboard that uses the shift key for special character and move the special character lock key more out of they way, I keep hitting it. Luckily there are some great keyboards out there for Android. @belovedson I think there point about some of the apps is very justified. Why put in a "core app" that is overly minimalistic or doesn't even come close to free apps in the market? As I'm sure some people would like to stick with the basic stock setup--not everyone is an app whore ;) But you do make a great point about Android--customize it to your liking!

2. belovedson

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thankyou obvious non android lover and author. honeycomb is sickkk. author have you heard of marketplace? why would anyone use the stock functions on android when there's better free versions available? please phone arena please have authors who enjoy the android experience. If this site uses authors who enjoy apple products and praise it why can't we have the same experience with android?

4. useraaaaaa unregistered

dude, if you have not noticed then most of ppl at phone arena is ANDROID LOVERS!

1. fatexo

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5. AndroidTroll

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Congratulations on being first! I like your avatar. I assume it is an Android version of yourself? You must be quite the hipster! Honeycomb ftw. Can't wait for a similar version to hit phones. Actually, once google voice hits, I might make a rooted htc flyer my phone. It will be like the good old days when you got to hold a brick up to your face!

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