Android – one operating system to connect them, one OS to bind them all

Android – one operating system to connect them, one OS to bind them all
After Google announced their internet-based operating system, Chrome OS last week, rumors have began to float about, going that a major clash between the two rivals, the new OS and Android (that can also run on computers), is inevitable. Andy Rubin, Google´s Vice President of Mobile Platforms has denied the hearsay, sounding out his opinion that Android is focused and to be primarily used on mobile phones.

He also said the operating system would become more socially oriented. Rubin used a screen that notifies users of incoming calls and also shows the latest changes in the Facebook profile of the caller, as an illustrative example to showcase the advanced level of social network integration, embedded into the OS. We think this is another confirmation that backs up the rumors that an official Facebook app for Android is just around the corner. What´s also interesting is there will be alternative payment options accepted when customers purchase apps from the Android Market, such as transfering the value to your monthly carrier bill (soon to be supported by T-Mobile).

The operating system will also become much "sweeter" - OS updates will be named after confectioneries and sweets in alphabetical order. Having seen the "Cupcake" pack, we are now to stay tuned for the "Donut", "Eclair" and "Flan" updates. Mmm. Quite a few new handsets are to be expected to roll out soon as well - Rubin stated they had planned for 15 to 20 new models by the end of this year alone. Although Android was originally developed for cell phones, there will be an increasing number of gadgets and domestic appliances running the operating system, such as laptops, robots, GPS devices, refrigerators and the like, with the final goal being utter unification. Given the current level of social networks integration, we can easily think of hypothetical situations like: you add "I feel like a chicken curry" in your Facebook status message, then your Android powered fridge sees it and calls the nearest food delivery service to get the missing groceries shipped to your place and finally, the domestic cooking robot whomps up the meal for you. Cool, isn´t it?

source: WSJ via Phonedog

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