Analyst Munster grades Siri and Google Search

Analyst Munster grades Siri and Google Search
Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster got to play teacher when he pitted Siri against Google Search in an attempt to see which of the two was more knowledgeable. First, you can't answer a question without knowing the question. Inside, Siri understood Munster's words about 89% of the time, a figure that dropped to 83% while in the middle of a busy intersection. Munster used the microphone from a pair of Skullcandy headphones. Google, with the questions typed into the Search box, understood everything. According to Munster, Siri's answer was right only 62% of the time. Google Search was right 86% of the time.

Munster gave Google Search an A+ for comprehension and a B+ for accuracy, while Siri received a B for comprehension and a D for accuracy. Still, Munster sees big things in Siri's future saying that the software will "improve meaningfully" with all of the updates in iOS 6. Apple CEO Tim Cook has promised that Siri will show improvement. Despite all that, it still remains a focus of Apple's television advertisements. And Google continues to search (pun intended) for its own virtual personal assistant with the latest being its new Google Voice Search powered by the Knowledge Graph that is available in Jelly Bean.

source: HuffingtonPost

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