Amazon pulls all Blu models from its online store due to fear of backdoor Chinese software

Amazon pulls all Blu models from its online store due to fear of backdoor Chinese software
Back in November, we told you that Miami based smartphone manufacturer BLU was one of several companies who had at least one smartphone model compromised by software made by a Chinese company called ADUPS. Allegedly, the software was designed to keep track of the buying decisions made by Chinese smartphone owners by capturing their personal data, and was not meant to appear on U.S. phones.

Since it appears as though the ADUPS software is still collecting data from the users of certain BLU models, Amazon has announced that it has discontinued the listing of the company's handsets from its online web store. However, BLU has responded by stating that there is absolutely no spyware, malware or secret software of any kind inside any of its phones. The company says that originally it was unaware that a small number of its phones did contain a version of the ADUPS OTA. Since BLU did not know about this, it did not contact customers to tell them that the software was collecting phonebook contacts and text messages. One it discovered the privacy issue, Blu had ADUPS turn off the functions on its application that could be considered a privacy breach.

BLU says that it has several policies in place and takes customer security and privacy very seriously. It adds that no security breaches of any kind have been discovered coming from any of its devices. Finally, it is important for consumers to understand that the data collected by the ADUPS application is considered standard by many other smartphone manufacturers. According to Kryptowire, a company hired to monitor the ADUPS application for BLU, the data collection was in line with BLU's Privacy Policy and did not affect the privacy or security of any BLU user.

source: BLU



4. medicci37

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f**k this site! I'm so tired of not being able to read articles because of your intrusive ads!! This giant f**king Samsung ad is taking up most of the screen & even when I scroll down it blocks the article I'm trying to read! I'm done with this site!... Used to be much better. Wtf happened???

5. MrShazam

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Huh? Someone on this site doesn't use adblock? Interesting...

6. Tariq123

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some people like to support their writers. and phones dont have adblockers like computers do.

7. MrShazam

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I too like to support certain sites, but definitely not with intrusive ads. Even ad giants like Google know how annoying intrusive ads are, so much so, they're integrating an AdBlocker into their web browser for such ads: Opera mini doing a great job of blocking ads on my OnePlus One. Don't see any on this site.

8. trojan_horse

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"and phones dont have adblockers like computers do." What? Phones definitely have ad-blockers, like AdBlock Plus, unlock origin and etc... get the Firefox browser fro Android and install one of the many adblocker plug-ins. If you still want to support this site despite it's abysmal ads system, then download UC Browser Mini for your phone... There is a full-fledged UC Browser and there is the Mini version of it. Download the UC Mini and you won't see much ads because that browser doesn't support flash, so ads will be minimal and there will be no pop-up ads.

10. mikehunta727 unregistered

Both Android and iOS have adblock options. I'm using 2 on my 7 Plus and it works extremely well together. It even manages to block ads in apps too, which is nice. All from the App Store too. But yes, ads are completely abysmal on this site and will even take some seconds to load on a i7/Ryzen CPU without a adblocker. Ublock Origin FTW for Chrome

11. audibot

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samsung browser has adguard

9. Nick_T

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Hello! Sorry about this and thanks for letting us know. We'll have the team look into it. If you want to, you may share more details about the ad's behavior. My address is nikolay.t -at-

3. therealestboy

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I almost bought one today. f**k Blu. My mother in law has one though. I will call her immediately and tell her to drop that thing in the well.

12. ibap

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Don't contaminate the well.

2. diggie32

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Ads are a dirty business.

1. domfonusr

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Sad... I thought that BLU made decent phones, and I kept following them for some time, but once the news came out that some models were affected by this problem, I felt that things weren't quite right. Now it looks like those fears are more justified than previously thought. What a shame... I hope they fix this problem for real this time, and for good, because if they don't I won't be buying a BLU device ever.

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