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Amazon Germany briefly lists the iPad 2 with a Thunderbolt port and 1.2GHz chipset

Amazon Germany briefly lists the iPad 2 with a Thunderbolt port and 1.2GHz chipset
It's just hours before the iPad 2 gets officially unveiled, but leaks keep coming like there is no tomorrow.

First it was an alleged comment from an Apple employee that the second generation will be an incremental upgrade before the big one in an iPad 3 (supposedly) coming this fall.

Then a Chinese blog leaked the pictures of a slim tablet, which it claims to be the iPad 2, and sized it up with the original.

Now the German subsidiary of Amazon has listed the 16GB iPad 2 for a while for $688 (499 EUR). If the image is not manipulated in any way, it reveals something very interesting - a Thunderbolt port. The Thunderbolt standard (preciously known as LightPeak) allows for fast data transfer (up to 10Gbps) and Full HD video streaming from one and the same port, and is present on the new Macbook Pros that Apple announced recently.

The listed 1.2GHz clock speed coincides with what we've heard so far about the dual-core chipset inside the iPad 2, so we cross fingers the Thunderbolt listing is true as well. The page has been subsequently pulled down, but it lists a March 17 release date.

We should know in a few hours which of all these is true, stay tuned for more info on the announcement.

source: YourDailyApple via SlashGear

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