Allegedly real white iPhone running a modified iOS version leaks in Vietnam

Alleged real white iPhone running a modified iOS version leaks in Vietnam
UPDATE: A second video from the same source has been unearthed, this time it clearly shows in the settings that the iPhone prototype is a 64GB version. Moreover, it shows us the back of the handset, and the camera area edges are covered by the white shell, unlike in aftermarket white iPhone conversion kits.

From the country that leaked the iPhone 4 last year comes another Grand Slam one now. The same Vietnamese forum Tinhte had one of its members release pictures and video of a white iPhone, which he said is straight from Apple, running a customized version of iOS.

Now, we don't know if this is some milestone on the way to iOS 5, beta of iOS 4 or likely just a jailbreak mod, but the differences shown are a cool task switcher and some svelte search integration across the interface.

The forum member cuhiep claims that for him this is a 64GB "test version of next-generation iPhone with the new iOS that Apple plans to release this year" (translated from Vietnamese with Google Translate), but is not backing it up with any view of the settings screen, so take the whole endeavor with a believe-it-when-I-see-it attitude.

Considering the big leak last year, though, these guys have a proven track record of leaking Apple products, so we are waiting with baited breath for more info. These pictures, however, look exactly as if the phone is made with one of those aftermarket conversion kits you might have seen here and there, at least at the front.

source: Tinhte via SlashGear

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