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Alleged HTC One M9 camera samples appear online, look mighty good

HTC One M9 photo samples
Twitter is a wonderful place. It throws bite-sized, easy-to-digest bits of information at you whenever your brain needs to be stimulated. Like updates on trending topics, inspiring haikus, or random cat pictures. Then there are those times when you check your feed and come across pictures said to be from an upcoming and highly anticipated smartphone – the rumored HTC One M9. And what do you know, that's just what happened to us.

The images below have been posted several days ago on Flickr, and we found them thanks to a tweet suggesting that they were "sample photos from #HTCOneM9". According to the photos' EXIF data, they were taken with an HTC phone model 0PJA10, which is believed to be the model of HTC's upcoming flagship, referred to as the HTC One M9. 

Digging further into the photos' details, we noticed this and that. Some of the images are of lower resolution, roughly 4MP, while others are high-res, 16MP images. If these photos do belong to the One M9, the lower-resolution images might have been shot with the front-facing cam, allegedly a 4MP UltraPixel one, while the higher-resolution ones may be widescreen crops shot with the main camera, which is said to sport a 20MP sensor. 

Whether the photo samples really belong to the HTC One M9 is impossible to confirm as EXIF data can be forged. But in any case, we'll surely know more about the capabilities of the One M9's camera in less than 24 hours as the phone is expected to be announced at HTC's pre-MWC press event.

source: Tommy Zhang (Flickr) via Ashrit Shetty (Twitter)
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