All your base are belong to us: Nokia is now Microsoft


The deal has been sealed, and so Nokia's whole Devices & Services division is now officially part of Microsoft. Almost, that is, because some recent "adjustments" to the deal left Nokia's Chennai (India) and Masan (South Korea) factories out of its scope.

The initially announced transaction price for the acquisition of Nokia's Devices & Services division was about $7.2 billion, but in its just-published statement, the company informs that it expects the final price to be slightly higher, due to a positive estimate of Nokia's net working capital and cash earnings. Unofficial estimations quote a total price of about $7.5 billion.

It's still somewhat unclear exactly what the future of Nokia and its smartphones is going to be at this point, but hopefully we'll know more soon, as it's been announced that more details surrounding the closing of the deal are to be disclosed on April 29, when we're also going to learn about the company's first quarter 2014 financial results. Expectations are that Nokia will continue building Windows Phone smartphones for Microsoft, but it's uncertain under what brand those smartphones are going to be released. A leaked memo has recently revealed that the part of Nokia that's getting acquired by Microsoft will be renamed to Microsoft Mobile, but neither Nokia, nor Microsoft have provided confirmation yet.

As a direct result of these latest developments, top Nokia executives Stephen Elop, Jo Harlow, Juha Putkiranta, Timo Toikkanen, and Chris Weber are currently on their way to the life-boats scattered around the burning platform, getting ready to join Microsoft's ranks. Once he returns to Microsoft, ex-CEO Stephen Elop is going to become chief of Redmond's Xbox and tablets businesses.

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