Ain't that cute? Baby squirrel thinks old Apple headphones are nuts (video)

Ain't that cute? Baby squirrel thinks old Apple headphones are nuts (video)
Apple's Jony Ive touted the virtues of the new EarPods that come with the iPhone 5 as a product of countless hours research into the anatomy of the human ear, making them to deliver the perfect sound plugged into anybody's hearing canal.

The older, not as anatomically perfect set was all the rage, however, back in the spring when the iPhone 5 was still subject of speculation, so it was still lying on someone's desk instead of in a drawer, because you don't want to be seen a second more with the poor people's pair. 

Here comes a baby squirrel, that actually digs the old Apple headphones, though reimagining them in a totally new role. The tiny offspring of a Sciuridae family rodent makes the only logical conclusion one squirrel can make from the shape of the earphones - it thinks they are nutty, and tries to peel them off to get to the tasty stuff inside. Watch the baby squirrel nibble on the Apple gear, and start planning for delivering one to your desk right now.

via TUAW


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