After passing on the Kindle Fire, Foxconn said to be building Amazon's 10.1 inch tablet

After passing on the Kindle Fire, Foxconn said to be building Amazon's 10.1 inch tablet
A story in DigiTimes says that after missing out on the contract to build the Kindle Fire, contract manufacturer Foxconn will be building Amazon's 10.1 inch tablet. Contrary to earlier speculation that these tablets won't be rolled out until next year, the story says that Foxconn could be shipping the Amazon 10.1 inch tablets before the ball drops in Times Square. Historically, Foxconn has handled the building of Amazon's Kindle devices, but according to DigiTimes, Foxconn turned down the contract to produce the Kindle Fire because its manufacturing capabilities were already taxed by the production of the Apple iPad 2.

Amazon instead turned to Quanta to produce its 7 inch tablet. This is the contract manufacturer that was responsible for building the BlackBerry PlayBook, which is somewhat ironic since many have said that the Kindle Fire resembles the BlackBerry tablet. The only difference between the two, many say, is that the Amazon tablet has a slower processor in order to keep its price down. The Kindle Fire was just introduced this week and will ship on November 15th.

The 10.1 inch Amazon tablet is code named the "Coyote" and like the 7 inch Kindle Fire, is expected to be sold by Amazon at a loss. Pricing the unit cheap enough to take business away from the Apple iPad 2, Amazon is expected to make up for the low price of the tablet by offering apps and other content along with cloud based services, at a price.

source: DigiTimes


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