AdMob survey: tablet owners primarily use their devices for gaming

AdMob survey: tablet owners primarily use their devices for gaming
According to a survey by AdMob, a subsidiary of Google, tablet users primarily utilize their devices for gaming. They found that 84% of tablet owners play games. And that's no surprise, considering the sales of tablet gaming applications. But the real surprise was how gaming dwarfed other activities.

Tablet gaming even trumped information searches (78%), email (74%), and reading news (61%). Were it not for this survey, we would have assumed that searches and email would be the most frequent use of tablets. Most surprisingly, only 51% of the respondents said they use their tablets for music and videos. Seriously?

And here's some bad news for desktop and notebook makers: 28% said that their tablet has effectively replaced their primary computer, and another 43% said they spend more time on their tablet than on their traditional computer.

Even TV has fallen victim to the allure of the tablet. Thirty-four percent said they use their tablet more than they watch TV. And we're shocked to see so many people shirking their couch-potato responsibilities. But we're not shocked at all to hear that 59% of respondents use their tablet more than they read a paper book.

So what does this all mean? First of all, the tablet is obviously becoming more of an entertainment source, rather than a productivity tool. But more importantly, console/computer makers and game designers are in trouble if the low-cost mobile gaming model continues its stellar growth.

source: AdMob via Guardian



5. remixfa

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in other news, most car owners use the radio while they drive!

4. luis_lopez_351

Posts: 951; Member since: Nov 18, 2010

*cough* no life e_e

3. andro unregistered

The sad fact of this is most ipad owners use the ipad as stated above for gaming while they already own either the iphone or ipod touch or perhaps both already,having the exact same games on those. Still Steve Jobs had done a great job sucking the cash from their wallets each year and each product despite this

2. downphoenix

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reason they are used to play games most is because they toys. They aren't as productive as a laptop. They aren't as good for watching media on as a tv. They aren't as good for browsing the internet as a laptop. One of the benefits they have, e-reading, is done much more cheaply by devices like Kindle. Electronic Magazines have largely been a bust, there's really no benefit of them over web content. And if you want to game, a smartphone, PSP, 3DS, or DS works just fine for that, and the dedicated units like PSP are better for that. Why were they needed again?

1. TabletNetbook unregistered

This survey is stupid. Since the iPad is probably the tablet that's currently being used most and is designed to be a consumption device. . . don't you think that will skew the results just a bit? As tablets like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer come out we will see people using them just like a regular netbook/laptop and a tablet. In other words, create a more functional tablet and people will do more with it. . . duh!

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