New ad shows how the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be a great business tool

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We all know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a great tool for personal communications. But according to a new ad released today by Samsung, the device also is a very useful tool for business. The ad, named "The Order," follows a bicycle company that has received an order for 100 new bikes that needs to be ready by the end of the day. The Galaxy Note 9 is employed to find the correct parts among all of the inventory stored in the company's warehouse.

In the video, the Galaxy Note 9 is also used to send out requests for assemblers (with a cameo made by the Samsung Galaxy Watch). During the assembly process, Augmented Reality is employed by the assemblers to see where certain parts go. 

The bikes are assembled, packed and shipped. And the Galaxy Note 9 can capture the signature of the driver hauling the merchandise to the buyer, even in the pouring rain (thanks to its IP68 certification rating). With the truck driving away to its ultimate destination with 100 newly manufactured bicycles on board, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 once again becomes a tool for personal communications.

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