Accessory maker Toddy Gear already returned all manufacturing to the US

Accessory maker Toddy Gear already returned all manufacturing to the US
While Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed plans to relocate manufacturing of some of the company’s computers to the US, and President Obama was giving his thumbs up for that move, another company that is known for making stylish microfiber cleaning cloths soft touch “Wedges” as mobile device stands which also serve as screen cleaning pads, announced that it has already completed such a move.

What is notable about the move is that Toddy’s products are clearly within the textile realm of industry, making microfiber cloths, and wedge shaped pillows for mounting and cleaning your mobile device or screens.  Textiles are a sector that have by-and-large been extinct in the United States on a commercial scale for a number of years. For a lot of companies, it was a do or die decision, especially over the past 20 years. The low cost of doing business in China and other developing economies made it an easy and necessary business decision for manufacturing goods and keeping the doors open for customers.

As many of us in the west have discovered though, China is not known for always making the highest quality stuff. Despite some of the higher quality electronic components that are subject to thorough quality control standards, any one of us can recall some other trinket that exuded less than stellar build quality (more colorful language comes to mind, but that is not our style).

We will not go so far as to say this is a sign of industry finding new footing in US based manufacturing, Toddy Gear is a fraction of the size of Apple, and Apple’s investment in US manufacturing is a proportionally small $100 million. However, the fact that a smaller business found it more favorable to draw back from overseas manufacturing and spin up manufacturing in the United States, in the regulation-heavy state of Illinois is indeed telling. It just may be the beginning of seeing some accessories that say, “Made in the USA.”

source: Toddy Gear

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