Access Linux Platform ready to go?

Access Linux Platform ready to go?
The Access Linux Platform was seemingly announced a decade ago and has been delayed so frequently that many were writing it off as vaporware, but Access announced today that ALP 3.0 and ALP Mini are about ready to hit store shelves.  ALP 3.0 is basically the next generation Palm OS; it features LinMo compatibility and a pretty OS with detailed transitions and animations. ALP Mini, available immediately for licensing, is a watered down version for feature phones and even non-cellular devices, though it drops Palm Garnet compatibility and native Linux applications.

NTT DoCoMo has committed to carrying ALP phones but they will most likely not drop until the second half of 2009.  The Edelweiss smartphone we told you about last week was also confirmed for Russia, though no timetable or carrier was given.  This is all well and good, but after years of delays we have a feeling that it's all too little, too late for Access.

source: Palm Infocenter via Engadget Mobile



1. johnkzin unregistered

I agree, too little too late. At this point, they should just be deploying their apps on other devices. Develop something like "The Palm Productivity Suite", a desktop + mobile device PIM/Communication/Sync software suite that works with Android/Google, Maemo, S60, iPhone, WinMo, iSync, SyncML, AirSync, RedHat Linux, Ubuntu Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Leave the OS and API development to the people who clearly know what they're doing ... taking this long for them to deploy their new platform just says to me that they DON'T really know what they're going in that regard.

2. unregistered

you deleted my other comment too???? you douchebag, maybe you should just come to terms with the fact that you're a nerdy little douche and quit deleting my comments like a little douche

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