New Palm OS-compatible phone arriving in Russia

New Palm OS-compatible phone arriving in Russia
The first smartphone based on the Palm OS-compatible ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP) is scheduled to be released later this month by Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (MTS) in Russia.

Developed by Emblaze Mobile, the Edelweiss phone has brilliant hardware specifications - quadband GSM, triband UTMS, a 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera, 3.5" 262k 848 x480 pixel capacitive glass touchscreen with haptic feedback, WiFi, Bluetooth, tilt, proximity and light sensors, and a 3.5mm headphone jack, all in a relatively svelte 115 x 56 x 12.3mm package.

There are no signs that the Edelweiss will be released anywhere else in the world, but given that one of its primary competitors - Apple's iPhone - costs $990 (also from MTS), if ALP is any good the Edelweiss should see brisk sales (making the easy assumption that it will cost less).

source: Emblaze Mobile via Brighthand



1. unregistered

please.... no, "when is it coming to vzw?"

2. unregistered

I see the fanboy wars have already started on the latest thread... *rolls eyes*

4. unregistered


5. unregistered

youre a tool.... oh no... dont ask when it may be available here and by what carrier... oh nooooooo...noooooo

8. unregistered

Cool phone. When is it coming to VZW?

3. unregistered

when this coming to att. is sovit russia road forks you

7. unregistered

In Soviet Russia, car drives you

6. unregistered

If this thing does materialize, then atleast us ATT T-Mobile users could import it and use it just fine, instead of living by verizon's communist control.

14. unregistered

Lol Agree

9. unregistered

another cheap IPhone imatater:)

10. unregistered

More like a Prada imatater since it was the first touch screen

15. hate ignorant people unregistered

prada was not the first. palms and htc have had touchscreen phones out for over past 3 years, ever heard of the treo650 or htc xv6600. and those were not the first. please do your research before posting comments and having other ignorant people believing you.

16. unregistered

hey! people here were talking about finger operated touch screen! You ignorant person, you should have checked the context before posting!!

17. It's far longer than 3 years.. unregistered

I bought my samsung i300 8 years ago, it had a touch screen back then. iPhone is innovative in a few different ways, but the touch screen is not one of them.

18. You are indeed an ignorant per unregistered

Those devices mentioned WERE finger operated, as was the Samsung i300 from 8 years ago. Just because they came with a stylus doesn't mean you couldn't use your finger quite effectively with them.

11. PRINCESS unregistered


12. unregistered

when does it come out for cricket?

13. Darth vader unregistered

Don't be too proud of the tech touch wonder a touch screen phone in no match for the power of the force

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