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AT&T teases us that the LG Thrill 4G is arriving "in the coming weeks" for $99

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AT&T teases us that the LG Thrill 4G is arriving
For the better portion of the last month, we’ve been teased regarding the availability of the upcoming 3D enabled LG Thrill 4G for AT&T. Of course, we’re mesmerized by its various 3D capabilities, but if there is one thing still elusive with this handset, it has to be none other than pricing.

Well folks, AT&T is teasing us one again as they blatantly say that the handset is indeed arriving “in the coming weeks,” but more importantly, we’re finally getting an official confirmation regarding its actual pricing. For anyone interested in picking up this high-powered beauty, you’ll be blown away by the fact that it’s attached with a mind-bending on-contract price point of $99! Yes, it’s priced at a mere $100, which is undoubtedly impressive when you factor in all of the hardware it’s packing along under the hood.

Moreover, the notion of it launching in the coming weeks seemingly provides some relevance to the rumored August 7 release date attached with RadioShack’s offering. Now that pricing is known, is this something you’d consider picking up?

source: AT&T via Engadget

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