AT&T releases 3Q earnings

AT&T releases 3Q earnings
AT&T posted strong 3Q08 numbers, powered in large part by the iPhone 3G.  The carrier sold 2.4M units, and nearly 40% of those were new adds.  That means, according to recent reports, Big Blue took nearly half a million customers from Verizon on iPhone sales alone, a number the nation's number two carrier can't be too happy about.

Other numbers were impressive as well, including a record 1.7M postpaid adds and 2M total adds.  Churn held steady at at 1.7 overall and the 1.2 postpaid rate was slightly lower than 3Q07.  Data revenue grew 50% to $2.7B, we're sure the increased charges for those 2.4M iPhones played a large part in that- and overall revenue was up 15.4% to $12.6B.  The important ARPU metric increased 2.6% to $58.99.  All in all, the company pulled in $5.6B for the quarter and now sits with 75M subscribers.

source: AT&T



1. unregistered

Strong work. I'm happy for them. Despite what people will say on this web site, competition is GOOD for everyone! Prices will go down and products will improve. I don't want one company ruling the whole US, otherwise I could live in China or Cuba.

4. unregistered

I think u should start packing up and be ready to move out of the states, cause verizon will soon own alltel and then we will come u guys!!!

7. #4 you are a fool unregistered

Eventually there will be just vzw and att&t and that is a good thing. If one were to dominate the other, then we, the consumers would be screwed, prices would skyrocket and technology innovation would grow stale.

8. unregistered

i heard that VZW was gunna go outta business cause they use CDMA technology, and b 2010 all phone will have to be GSM. kinda like antennae cabel and digital cabel. but hopefully that wont happenn.....

9. unregistered

*sigh* your clearly retarded... i want to correct you and explain whats going on in the cell phone world.. but the use of gunna instead of gonna just really tell me its a waste of typing

10. Armo unregistered

wow, u really think verizon or at&t r gunna but t-mobile. never. maybe sprint but not tmo. t-mobile has a big brother called deutsche telekom who has their back. just like verizon has vodafone. but who does at&t have? no one. and t-mobile is growing fast. and now with the g1 they should become a contender. but i agree with u on the rest.

12. unregistered

You must be the one with your head up your culo HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY THINK SOON ITS GOING TO BE AT&T AND VERIZON ONLY thats SO STUPID

23. unregistered

it looks good when there the largest carrier, but when verizon aquires alltell and Big Red is the largest, those stats wont talk, they'll stt-uu-tt-er in the shadow of the competition

31. unregistered

Much like the use of "your" instead of "you're". I wish people would make sure they themselves aren't retarded (#9), before they start trashing others. Yes, what #8 said was void of any common sense, but check yourself.

2. Konstantin unregistered

$75M customers? are they THAT expensive? =)

3. unregistered


5. unregistered

competition is always good. they will only be #1 for a few more months so atleast they are going down fighting. in the end, they will be giving vodaphone/verizon all their money as they have to pay to use LTE when they launch it (since vodaphone is a founder of LTE) in the end, verizon will eat em :)

6. unregistered

that's fo show!

11. unregistered

Really is that what you think!!!! We will see what they will do with the $22 billion dollar debt they pick up buying Alltel as well as their own. As for LTE, they will both have the same type of network so they will be roaming off each other. The reason why they are racing to get it out is that EVDO is not capable of the speeds that HSPA+ that they(ATT) will be using which is only a software upgrade smaller cost. So while VZ is spending billions to launch an entire new technology ATT will sit back and count the cash and ease their way to LTE. So yes VZ will be bigger and not by much being that they have to give up 100 markets and counting ( wich will equal millions of subscribers) to comply with the FCC, they sure will be in a huge hole of debt in a time where everybody is trying to cut costs. Anyway you look at it is great for us the customers. Ona seperate note, this site should be called Verizon arena vs phone arena becuase its never phones discussed on this site, it is alwaysabout Verizon and 90% of the posts are VZ workers.

13. unregistered

first of all verizon is a HUGE corporation. you dont know how much in debt they are..debt is a natural part of business. you have to spend money to make money. idiot

14. vzw fanboy unregistered

hahaha lol. then lets get some at&t fanboys on here and we'll have a real fight. well thats in the future, now, verizon has more 3g coverage than at&t. i wonder how many people tho went from verizon to at&t for the iphone and then went back to verizon? im glad to here at&t is a strong competitor with verizon.

15. unregistered

Im the Idiot? I forgot I m taling to Warren Buffett here. I totally understand that debt is a natural part of business but when the economy is in the gutter and your gaining $22.2 billion ontop of all the other debt (30 billion) that you have as well as being in a market palce where everyone is cutting back, that debt will seem to be a huge burdon. You spend money to make money in a market place that is condusive to huge profits. As for knowing how in debt they are I'm surprised a master of business and investments that you are has never heard of a company balance sheet which is free to anyone since it is a publicly traded company. That would mean you can read as well as know what the * you are talking about.!!

16. unregistered

#15 your argument got lost in that heap of profanity and blatant aggression. sorry sir but you still reman an IDIOT

17. unregistered

WOW great come back there sir!!! You sure showed him

24. unregistered

Ok, the economy is bad, but in case you haven't noticed the cell phone industry is striving. They're not hurting at all because people are seeing cell phones as a neccissity instead of a luxery. They're stocks are still going up which makes you a freakin moron for not realizing that. Second, they will only roam off eachother if they choose so. And when verizon has the largest lte network why would they let att roam off of their towers a lot? it doesn't make sense, if they don't that means verizon will have a far superior network which means att will lose customers and they will come over to verizon. It's called cause and effect. And the fact that you can't tell by the quarter reports that the companies are not suffering at all over the economy really really makes you a complete moron

29. unregistered

I would like to know what balance sheet you are looking at...being they are a publicly traded company...Verizon is publicly traded, not verizon wireless, vzw is to be looking at a balance sheet you are seeing info that is misleading and just flat out not the entire picture. Next lets review the info as far as the 22.2 billion you spoke of, don't know where you got that either...last I read it was 28 billion, and how musc of that will be swept under the rug as it is debt to roaming partners?? They are vzw's largest roaming partner, thus meaning you can assume a large portion of that is money we would be paying ourselves to square up. Next, for the people looking at vzw giving up market areas, this doesn't mean they will lose customers, it only means that we will either,(1) no longer use Alltels towers or (2) no longer use vzw towers. Look at it this way, how many of these markets that they both have a presence in are the towers just emitting a signal to redirect to another carrier, ie., Alltel or vice versa. So will they really lose customers or just shut down towers?? Just my thoughts...and no I dont work for vzw I just read a lot, and am a subscriber of Alltel that is extremely happy with the thought of this merger.

33. unregistered

Do you realize you spelled two words wrong (necessity and luxury) and completely misused another word (you meant "thriving", not "striving") BEFORE you got around to calling the other guy a moron? Classic.

37. unregistered

First off Verizon Wireless' numbers are listed under Verizon. Although Verizon wireless may not be a stock doesn't mean the numbers are not all part of VZ. ATT wireless is not publicly traded but its numbers roll up to ATT. As for the wireless industry not suffering in this economy is crazy to say. What rock are you living under. Both ATT and VZ stock is down 30%. If you look in the past both stocks were in the upper 30's or lower 40's. They both now are in the 20's. Nice try there. As for market 22.5 billion, that is the debt portion of the merger. The whole deal is worth 28 billion. And finally the market sell offs will in fact include the loss of customers. If VZ and Alltel are the only carriers in the area some of that market will be sold to other carriers, a practice that has been happening over the last decade of wireless consolidation. So the fact that you read a lot shows me that the funny papers of the NY Times really doesn't really talk about mergers and finance. Many of the top investors have even mentioned that the merger may not even happen cause of Alltel's debt as well as the economy. Stick to what you know best, NOTHING!!!!!

39. vzw fanboy unregistered

i dont understand what you just wrote

40. unregistered

Thats because Phone Scoop and Phone Arena are pretty much the only pages we can look at hahaha. In a direct location anyway. I did discover the other day and you can play arcade games too. Sorry for rambling. Go Verizon!

46. unregistered

Says the man that can't quote a single one of these "top investors" or tell us any of their names. All you did was regurgitate something you heard on Cspan or, hold on, wasn't cnn the same organization that said Bush lost his first run for presidency?? Yes the guy before was incorrect, the deal is worth 28.1 bill and the debt is 22.5 bill and and report a large portion of that is to roaming partners and cellphone manufacturers, both of these will not go the distance as vzw is their largest roaming partner, some of that will go and verizon is already working a deal with the manu. to continue deals, since they are larger, that debt will get worked out between them for sure. So they will not actually add 22.5 bill to the books. Next, selling off, or divesting markets does not lose customers per se. They will be forced to allow other companies the opportunity to provide service in these areas, does that mean roaming agreements again. So yes they dont have the money monthly for the company but they do have another roaming partner(s) or additional money that way. And if that guy knows nothing how come you didnt disprove a single thing, you just argued symantics??

49. unregistered

You are actually incorrect.. the updates for LTE will require a huge update to gsm tower as well... its not a software upgrade... what will happen is verizon will have dual phone with both cdma and lte as they switch over... the cost will be huge for both because it require actual new hardware even for a gsm tower not just and update.. verizon will have to put more money in because as i stated the phones will have to have both technologies inside

18. unregistered

You know... im REALLY getting tired of all these F***ing Verizon FANBOYS saying "Oh verizons better, Oh Verizons Bigger!" NEWS FALSH. THEYRE NOT. AT&T is Number 1 for now... (idk about the future cuz the FCC still has a part in saying "Yeah verizon can aqquire Alltell"... that MAY not happen...). You want a fight? You got one. AT&T Fanboy is here. What Now? Eat dirt douchebags. Stay out of AT&T Articles and post ur verizon bullshit on verizon's page.

21. unregistered

I got your back ATT Fanboy!!! Just read a great article about the almighty Verizon. You guys can boast about the most reliable network all you want but the funny thing is VZ lost the most amount of customers to ATT. Not Sprint or T Mobile but good old VZ. I know the article or the quartly results doesn't show how many switched and cancelled with in 30 days. Guess what, neither will yours. I have seen many come into my lobby bitching that they left ATT to try that so called most reliable network of VZ and came right back cause they couldn't get service where they had great service with ATT. Sure you guys will have the Storm but I will bet you that people will not wait in line for weeks to buy one. ANd all of you VZ guys that say anyone who waits in line for a phone is a looser is just pissed cause you have nothing in your arsinal worth waiting for. The funny part is ATT's Bold which to me is a run of the mill phone will still piss on your "Thunder or Storm or whatever you guys are going to call it this week to try and draw some attention to it." Regardless, ATT may not have the strongest network at the moment but they still are keeping pace with you guys. Imagine when it does, I'm sure you guys will cry about something else like ATT's logo is the wrong color blue or something as stupid as that. As for its about time ATT fanboys speak up, we are al too busy selling I Phones and taking your brain washed customers. Now you can have your fun tearing this post apart and that's cool cuase while you are doing that I'm on hold with your customer service getting an account number so that I can port yet another one of your customer to an I Phone. Maybe you can save me sometime and tell me of an easier way to port VZ customers becuase it's becoming a full time job.

22. unregistered

Well Said!!!

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