1 of 3 iPhone 3G customers switched, half from VZW

1 of 3 iPhone 3G customers switched, half from VZW
Apparently passing on the iPhone may be affecting Verizon more than they thought, and that the Instinct might be an iPhone killer afterall. A study by NPD Group found that nearly a third of AT&T's iPhone 3G customers came from other carriers, and in a further breakdown they go on to reveal that nearly half of those customers came from Verizon. T-Mobile customers accounted for 24% and Sprint just 19% of the defectors; the two combined were less than VZW lost by itself. The numbers may be surprising on the surface, but Verizon's notorious nickle and diming, continued lock down on hardware and software and empty promises of an open network look to be finally catching up with them. The customers have spoken, but will they be heard?

Apple iPhone 3G ranked as the best selling smartphone model, followed by the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl, and the Palm Centro.

source: NPD Group via Gizmodo



1. yup unregistered

yea i left vzw too i just could not stay with them they &^$% ***

6. unregistered

When I was asked why I was leaving Verizon I told them because of the iPhone 3G, the CS rep tried to entice me with a Voyager and the Dare, neither which I was interested. Wanted a smartphone, not a dumbphone with a touchscreen.

9. unregistered

Hows the service. I heard iphone has poor 3g (even with coverage) and many dropped calls

15. unregistered

LOL if u switched to iphone cuz u wanted a smartphone not a dumbphone then u are confused

18. Ceez unregistered

The Iphone is not a smart phone.

19. unregistered

The iPhone is a smartphone. Look at what it does. Exchange e-mail, calender, syncs with Outlook and iCal............

27. unregistered

Nice...it's called reading....try it some time. Last part of the artical reads: "Apple iPhone 3G ranked as the best selling smartphone model, followed by the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl, and the Palm"

36. unregistered

but lacks basic smart phone capabilities and cant even copy and paste? ok not too smart if you asked this guy.

40. unregistered

good look on the nations worst 3g network after tmo that is

75. unregistered

Well of coarse half of them came from Verizon as a percentage the other 2 companies don't even have half the number of customer that Verizon does

78. unregistered

What got me away from Verizon, the $60 a month plan and the $300 a month bill. It'd be one thing if I talked, more than 200 minutes a month, or texted less than 500, or used their data thingy 0kb a month. But, the killer for me, was when I began questioning them over the phone one day and their 'customer service' rep got so belligerent with me I refused to pay my bill. The next month I got a bill for over $1200. Needless to say it will never get paid and the phone went screen first into a nice thick brick wall.

79. unregistered

wow so you'll risk your credit rating over a cell phone. way to go. maybe i should just refuse to pay my mortgage and expect to keep my house.

80. unregistered

Are u kidding iphone just got these features and many companies do not allow these phones since they are not proven to be hack safe and if iphone get stolen it can lose confidential data to the thief

87. unregistered

That, in todays world could work, cuz the gov will just give you the money

2. unregistered

I'd guess around 2million 3G's sold in the US, so we're looking at around 313,000 customers Verizon lost. They'll still turn a net gain for the Quarter, but AT&T is going to have the biggest one in the industry.

3. harper unregistered


4. unregistered

Yeah, if the FCC, DOJ, and SEC approve it. Bad news for you, but Verizon's deal will eliminate competition in some markets, Verizon's already said they'll cut some Alltel employees, and Goldman Sachs could get bought out becasue they're doing poorly. If GS gets bought out it's up to the new parent company on what they want to do with their stake in Alltel. Don't assume this deal will fly through regulation without any bumps. Heck, for Verizon to buy Rural Cellular (Unicel) they got a lot of scrutiny.

10. unregistered

Not going to bring them back that fast. People still have contracts

28. unregistered

Yeah but most will pay and problaly did pay to break their contract before they went to AT&T and will do it again.

5. unregistered

i still dont understand why anyone would switch carriers over a ****ing phone. att's network has improved plenty cellular wise but there 3G is a joke. isn't that the whole reason you'd buy a :::::::3G::::::: iPhone?

7. unregistered

If you live in a 3G coverage area, what's to lose?

8. unregistered

They may not have the largest 3G coverage area, but it's FAST. Comparing my Blackjack and Aircard to my girlfriend's Verizon Curve before she got the 3G showed a big difference. I don't know if Blackberry just has a slow browser, but EV-DO was between EDGE and HSPA in terms of speed.

11. unregistered

Yea but iphone 3g is very slow....bad chipset. I compared side by side with my dare and it below iphone away several times. It's an awesome phone but it just doesnt seem to work very well. Also alot of dropped calls...my sis has it and bitches alot about it

12. unregistered

The 2G iPhone had good quality, they cheaped big time on the 3G. Plastic back, bad chipset........... But hey, if people really want a phone, they'll do what they need to do to get it.

42. unregistered

i bet if they apple put 4g on a phone right now people would go nuts over it cause poeple are stupid and dont know what it means more then 3/4 of people bought and 1phone 3g and dont even get 3g in there area but there like its and iphone 3g its the best.

70. unregistered

Blackberry storm is going to be the first blackberry with EVDO REV-A so therefore the curve is just a tad bit slower.

13. aufedk

Posts: 14; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

as "cool" as the storm may be, T-Mobile will have the hit of the year with the G1. ya it may be ugly but its got nice specs (great touch screen, nice keyboard, decent camera, etc..) but the most important factor is it runs on Android. the G1 DEFINITELY will steal the Storm's Thunder (lol). oh and at&t has slow 3G speeds. everyone knows that tmobile's 3G is faster the everyone's (in the areas they have it) next verizon, alltel, sprint THEN at&t.

16. unregistered

Are you serious? Let's try basing your info on some facts instead of just coming on and BSing.

20. unregistered

AT&T has the fastest 3G. T-Mobile's 3G is nowhere close to any other carrier's. And the G1 isn't going to be the device of the year.

43. unregistered

the g1 is a sidekick on steroids i think its a sweet phone if u dont mindo 2.5g service

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