AT&T offering $450 to entice T-Mobile customers to switch

AT&T offering $450 to entice T-Mobile customers to switch
Maybe it is because they are the two major GSM carriers in the U.S. Or perhaps AT&T executives are still upset that T-Mobile CEO John Legere called out AT&T's pipeline at last year's CES. Or, it could be that there is something to the rumor that T-Mobile's highly anticipated announcement at CES will have to do with the mobile operator paying off the ETF fees of consumers who jump to T-Mobile. Whatever the reason, AT&T is going right after T-Mobile customers with its new promotion.

Switch from T-Mobile to AT&T and the nation's second largest carrier will give you as much as $450. Some of that sum comes from a promotion card that AT&T will give you for trading in your current smartphone. The card must be used for AT&T products or services, and the actual amount you'll receive will be determined by the age, condition and model of the phone you trade in.

The remaining $200 is awarded to T-Mobile customers who jump to AT&T, sign up for AT&T Next and purchase a new device at full price or have a phone activated that they already own. AT&T Next is the plan that offers an early equipment upgrade to customers who make at least 12 monthly payments toward a new phone purchased at the full retail price.

Sounds like at least one major U.S. carrier hears footsteps behind them, and is peering over its shoulder.

source: AT&T

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