AT&T has left its signal out of San Francisco

AT&T has left its signal out of San Francisco
Just the other day we reported on how even AT&T had to admit that its service in Manhattan and San Francisco was not up to snuff . The carrier said that they would be working on improving the service in those locations. Now it could just be that our definition of  "improve" is the opposite of AT&T's, but  the wireless operator is having problems in the city by the Golden Gate Bridge. According to AT&T, "We are seeing a hardware issue in downtown San Francisco that iscausing some degradation in service. GSM and EDGE voice and dataservices are still accessible. Our experts are aware and working toresolve as quickly as possible. Further resolution is expected thisevening."

An AT&T customer named Martin Hecko sent out a Tweet saying that he was told that the carrier's data and SMS services were down in the city and would be back up in 24 to 48 hours. Meanwhile, some are reporting that service is back in the area. If you are an AT&T customer in San Francisco, see if you can pull yourself away from the Warrior game for a second and let us know if your cellular service is running at full strength.

source: TechCrunch, Twitter via EngadgetMobile

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