AT&T employees are being given WP7 devices for training purposes

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AT&T employees are being given WP7 devices for training purposes
There's no hiding the fact that AT&T is the “premier carrier” when it comes down to Windows Phone 7 – which was made evident during the past event held in New York City. Now that it's pretty clear that AT&T will be in full force with Microsoft's new platform, the number two wireless carrier is now bent on training employees across all channels to get them up to par with the new mobile platform.

Surprisingly, one meeting for AT&T employees proved to be interesting since the VP of the company was in attendance and handed out 100 Windows Phone 7 devices to all the employees there. One of those employees tweeted his experience and seemed to be surprised with the generosity of giving actual handsets to employees for them to test, train, and fully absorb all of its features.

However, it isn't explicitly known which particular Windows Phone 7 smartphones were given away at the meeting. And it's not clear if this is something that'll be translated to other regions as well. Regardless, it's definitely nice for AT&T employees to get up close and personal with a device.

source: Twitter via WPCentral


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