AT&T Palm Pixi Plus shows up at the FCC

AT&T Palm Pixi Plus shows up at the FCC
Even though the words “coming months” attached to the Palm Pre Plus & Pixi Plus models for AT&T might indicate a time frame from now to something like six months down the road, the latter of the two devices might already have a head start. There was a Palm label with the model P121UNA seen over at the FCC which might indicate that it's the expect Palm Pix Plus that's bound for AT&T. The findings can be found in the “P121” which indicates a Palm Pixi while the “UNA” means that it'll be for the North American GSM market. Even though the Palm Pixi Plus has its head poking around the FCC first, we'd imagine that both Palm devices will be released at the same time – so it shouldn't be too long now before AT&T customers can finally check out what WebOS is all about. Let's just hope that it isn't too late for the veteran smartphone maker to really turn things around as they embark on a journey with the second largest wireless carrier in the country.

Palm Pixi Plus Specifications | Review (Verizon)

source: FCC via Ubergizmo



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