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AT&T CES 2012 Developer Summit: Liveblog!

Posted: , by Ray S.

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AT&T CES 2012 Developer Summit: Liveblog!
This is our liveblog post dedicated to AT&T's Developers Summit event at CES 2012. We expect a few introductions here, so be sure to stay with us for the latest updates.

Don't miss our liveblog - the event is going to start at 9AM Pacific, 11AM Central, and 12AM Eastern time! If you want, you can also follow it through our special Twitter channel: @PhoneArenaLive.

Live event tracker

13:24and Ralph closes the summit. We'all be covering the Nokia event later today. So stay tuned. John v out for now.
13:22And elop is done
13:20It'll b an LTE device...that's what Elop mentions for right now
13:19No word yet on the devise, but it will new unveiled later at nokia's press conference.
13:17This should be sweet!
13:16And Steve elop of Nokia is out
13:15One more guest
13:15and peter is done! Lots of applause. Loves the Titan 2 as his personal device
13:134.7" display on it again
13:13Unfortunately....still at 720p video recording
13:1216 megapixel camera on it. Wow yfrog.com/ocglzitj
13:11First lTE windows phone for AT&T
13:10HTC Titan 2!!
13:09here we go....windows.....HTC...and AT&T
13:08Peter Chou is on stage yfrog.com/kjfiixkj
13:08Ralph is back...and talking about HTC
13:07its all about developers....as ballmer says
13:07And Steve is done
13:05No word yet about new windows phone with lte.....
13:03Still no word about devices...just that we'll hear more about them soon
13:02Unlike some of the other presenters.
13:01Wow...ballmer is very point with his presentation. Sounds passionate and real with his tone.
12:59Hmmmm..they'll be revealing the new devices "throughout the day."
12:58Lots of energy!!!! yfrog.com/nte0cnaj
12:58Everyone is upbeat thanks to Steve's presence.
12:57Steve ballmer!!!
12:57At&t will offer LTE windows Phones
12:57Here comes the wrap up.....windows phone!
12:56Lots of claps for pulling out the element out of the water
12:53V yfrog.com/h6qh7kzj
12:52Crazy. They have the Pantech element submerged in water...on stage and in real time running a video
12:51They'll be available to get it later this month. Pantech element and Burst bundles for $250 in a combined bundle
12:50All 3 are gonna be under $50
12:49Pantech Burst, Samsung Exhilarate, and the Pantech element are all being introduced in a video
12:45This is one BIG phone, as we all know already.
12:44Samsung galaxy Note in blue and white yfrog.com/ocwgjlj
12:43They just announced the sony Xperia Ion. Samsung Galaxy s II Skyrocket HD, and Samsung Galaxy Note
12:42Samsung skyrockey HD

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posted on 09 Jan 2012, 12:44

1. Kalevro (Posts: 56; Member since: 11 Sep 2011)

Post the NEW SE device I'm gonna explode !

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