ADcase sprouts legs to save your falling Apple iPhone from damage

A new smartphone case called the ADcase (for Active Damping case) can tell when your phone is falling, and will sprout four legs, one on each corner, to give the device a softer landing. Using a battery for the sensor that detects when your handset is losing its fight with gravity, the ADcase measures just 4.9mm thick and will soon be available from the Kickstarter crowd-funding site.

According to the ADcase website, the only models that the case will initially be offered for include:

Back in 2015, Apple applied for a patent on a technology that would detect when your iPhone is falling using the device's accelerometer and sensors. In the case that a drop is detected, four "screen protectors" emerge from each corner of the device to protect it. Sounds pretty similar to the ADcase.

Once ADcase does list on Kickstarter, we should have a better idea about pricing and availability. Check out the ADcase in action by clicking on the video at the top of this article.

source: ADcase (translated)


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