A notch is bad, but a waterdrop notch is OK, poll says

A notch is bad, but a waterdrop notch is OK, poll says
Ah, “The Notch” — the main topic of a ton of mean comments, hateful videos, and meme content directed towards the iPhone X. Well, at least at first it was the iPhone X, nowadays there's plenty of notches to go about. Maybe the one design trait that many were hoping would not become a trend once it showed up on the iPhone's forehead.

Now, bragging about how one phone has a notch, but it's actually smaller than so-and-so's notch is a real thing. And some smartphones are coming out with this “waterdrop” notch, which is tiny enough to hold the selfie camera and not much else.

So, we thought we'd ask — is a notch “OK” if it's small enough? As in — if it's just a waterdrop notch, is that safe from the fury and hate of the Internet? Well, here are our poll results:

Waterdrop notch vs Normal notch: which do you prefer?

Waterdrop for sure
Better have the full notch up there
Are you kidding me? A notch is a notch, it's just as bad
I really don't care about or mind "notches"
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