A new carrier with an exquisite offer for customers

A new carrier with an exquisite offer for customers
Here's what is going on – a newly appeared carrier, named Zer01 Mobile, has come up with an exquisite offer for an unlimited voice and data plan for smartphones at a monthly charge of $65.95. What the carrier promises is month-to-month charging with no contract agreements or credit checks. The network coverage of Zer01 Mobile is as broad as the one of AT&T, which is because it is actually using a form of a roaming agreement with AT&T. All calls on Zer01 Mobile will be processed by a proprietary VoIP application, which is said to work with the phone’s microphone and earpiece. On top of that, the carrier claims that phones using the significantly slow EDGE and even GPRS networks will also be able to conduct calls with ease, which is something that we would like seeing with our own eyes first. In addition to unlimited VoIP calling and data, the company also offers unlimited international calling to 40 countries for $10 more a month. The only bad news is that currently Zer01’s VoIP application runs only on Windows Mobile 6, but it is said to be developed also for Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Java, and jailbroken iPhones. What do you think, sounds intriguing enough to be tested?!

source: PCMagazine

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