A glimpse into the future from Microsoft's perspective

A glimpse into the future from Microsoft's perspective
There was a time when Microsoft was nothing more than a company with a vision for the future, which was destined to becoming true – putting a PC in every home in the U.S. and having Microsoft's software running on it. Microsoft may be late to revolutionizing cellphones the way Apple did already with the iPhone, but that doesn't stop Microsoft's researchers from treating us to their perspective on what interfacing with electronic devices may look like in the future.

In a video, which was taken at a recent TechForum event, Microsoft's Chief Research and Technology Officer, Craig Mundie, was seen demonstrating the potential of your smartphone as a link between human-machine interaction, as his HTC HD7 was controlling a fancy computer interface with the flick of a wrist. The smartphone in this example did not simply act as a tool, but also exchanged calendar records with the computer in real time. It is the result of Microsoft's idea of linking computers and smartphones through software, which lies in the foundation of WP7.

A second promotional video showcases some of Microsoft's advances in interaction with machines and the potential of a “natural user interface” in every day real life applications. Of course, such projects are simply works of research, but it will surely be neat to see them in our homes one day.

source: Engadget via IntoMobile

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