A glimpse at the future reveals monstrous devices and lightning speeds

A glimpse at the future reveals monstrous devices and lightning speeds
We live in a day and age when every single second the world changes. Yesterday, we told you what kind of speeds you can achieve when you are connected to the TeliaSonera's LTE network in Sweden, but this is only the beginning.

According to the London-based company Informa Research, in the next five years data consumption will grow by 700% a month. To make a comparison with where things stand at the moment, here are the following numbers - on a global scale, the average consumption of data for one smartphone is 85MB a month, while Android phone owners and their iPhone counterparts are using 148MB and 196MB per month respectively.

It seems strange that we will be able to make the jump to the gigabyte world that fast, but with all the advancements in the hardware department (look out for our article on the CPU (r)evolution that's unfolding right before our eyes) and software updates truly making a difference, impossible is nothing.

Put into that the LTE-Advanced and WirelessMAN-Advanced goodies which are set to come in the near future and you'll have an extremely powerful device both hardware and software-wise that can provide a great internet performance.

Naturally, this will mean extended capabilities that will allow us to do much more than we are able to do at the moment. The consequence of that will be bigger data consumption and, in turn, more profits for the carriers. In fact, according to another UK-based company named Juniper Research, revenues from non-voice services will nearly double by 2015 to the healthy sum of $96.7 billion compared to $56.0 billion in 2010.

Well, this seems to be the future and the obvious conclusion is that the smartphones and the tablets that can rival your present notebook or PC are already on their way to the customers. Do you think this will mean that the very boundaries between these different devices will become blurry? And what's the limit for the smartphone industry? Tell us with your comments.

source: Giga OM

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