$99 Palm Pre price for real this time

$99 Palm Pre price for real this time
Last week, we reported about a costly mistake that Best Buy made when they accidentally sent out a display showing the price of the Palm Pre at $99.99. Of course, the real price should have been $199.99 with a two year contract. Now, an online retailer called "Lets Talk" has decided to offer the handset for a price of $99.99 after a $100 instant discount, a $100 rebate and a two year contract with Sprint. This time, that bottom line price of $99.99 is not a mistake. There is one small catch. The offer is good for today, Monday, only. And because the Pre is out of stock at the online store, you will have to wait until August 5th for the phone to ship. But hey, that's no big deal when you're slicing a C-note off the price of the Palm Pre.

Palm Pre Specifications | Review

source: LetsTalk via SlashGear


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1. puggunit

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Takes about 6 months to actually get the rebate back.

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