64% of Americans own a smartphone, but it becomes an issue with money for 23% of them

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64% of Americans own a smartphone, but it becomes an issue with money for 23% of them
The latest numbers from the Pew Research Center show that 64% of Americans owned a smartphone at the end of last year. That is a pretty meaningful jump from the 35% who owned a smartphone three years ago. 15% of those polled say that a smartphone is their main connection to the internet. But smartphones are not cheap to use. 23% of U.S. smartphone owners and 48% of those who are dependent on their handset have been forced to shut or suspend their service because of the cost.

The survey, which covered more than 2000 people contacted by telephone, revealed that U.S. smartphone users are not buying enough data to cover the amount that they are consuming each month. 15% of them often find themselves exceeding their data allowance while 33% find that their data allowance prevents them from having a totally mobile lifestyle. 20% of U.S. smartphone users consider their monthly data plan to be a "financial burden."

Texting remains extremely popular with 97% of the respondents saying that they text at least once a week. Those in the 18 year-old to 29 year-old range still use the phone with 93% saying that they make at least one phone call every week. And while smartphones are supposed to be a device that allows you to be mobile and escape from your office desk or your big comfy chair at home, 30% of those surveyed felt that their handset was a leash instead of a tool making them free. 28% find their phone to be a distraction rather than a device that helps them stay connected to the world.

Cheaper handsets have helped smartphone penetration increase steadily in the U.S. But at some point, smartphone usage will peak. Based on the research from Pew, when that occurs data plan pricing could play an important role in continuing the growth of smartphone penetration in the states.

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