6 everyday things that are tough to do with a 6" phone

6 everyday things that are hard to do with a 6" phone
Love it or hate it, those behemoth 6"+ phones are here to stay, it seems, and no matter how excellent of a screen-to-body ratio they sport, with that screen diagonal they are proving to be quite problematic in many everyday interactions a typical handset goes through.

Samsung opened the floodgates with the gigantic Galaxy Mega 6.3 last spring, then Sony one-upped it with the 6.4" Xperia Z Ultra, and instead of staying rather niche devices, the 6" and above crowd continues unabated for more than a year now. This trend is so entrenched now, that nobody bats an eye when LG's upcoming flagship for the year, the G3, is expected to arrive with a 5.5" display, which would have put it straight in the so-called "phablet" category not so long ago.

Speaking of phablets, the phone that warranted the coinage of that term, Samsung's Galaxy Note, featured an "only" 5.3" display when it launched. Today, the phones with 5.5"+ displays are too numerous to list, and phones encroaching on, or surpassing the 6" mark, are appearing left and right from most major manufacturers. Suffice it to mention HTC with its One max, Nokia with the Lumia 1520 and 1320, Sony with the T2 Ultra, Alcatel with the OneTouch Hero, Samsung with the Note 3, or LG with its G Pro 2, all of which have appeared since September.

Granted, nothing beats a large screen for web browsing and media consumption, but perusing a 6-incher on a daily basis is proving to be quite challenging, unless you live in Asia, where no screen seems to be too big for the local smartphone fans. We are listing a few situations that most of us encounter on a daily basis with our smartphones, which are getting quite awkward to do with those 6-inchers that are flooding the marketplace recently. Have you had such troubles, or do you think that lugging and using a 6-incher is a minor nuisance compared to the screen real estate gains that come with it?

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