Hidden code reveals exciting new features for the 5G Pixel 6 "At A Glance" widget

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Hidden code reveals exciting new features for the 5G Pixel 6 "At A Glance" widget
One of the trademarks of Google's Pixel line has been the "At A Glance" widget which shows the day, date, an overview of the weather conditions, and the temperature. It also shows appointments from your calendar and more. When it unveiled the new Pixel 6 line last month, Google said that it would be adding more features to the widget which will be as wide as the Pixel Launcher.

With all that extra real estate, Google has plans to fill the space with plenty of information based on a deep dive that 9to5Google took into the update for the Pixel 6 Android System Intelligence app which previously was called Device Personalization Services. What was discovered was plenty of strings of code relating to what Google calls "smartspace," or the capabilities of the "At A Glance" widget.

Pixel's "At A Glance" widget will have some exciting new features according to code hidden inside an Android app

One thread of code found says, "Your Assistant shows you what you need, right when you need it, on your home screen and lock screen." Among possible features for the widget are some that are already available for the Pixel 6 series and other Pixel phones. With the update, the "At A Glance" widget will look at the traffic patterns and tell you what time you need to leave your current location to reach your destination at a set time.

The widget also will show the current weather and alert you when severe weather is incoming. The "At A Glance" widget will also browse your Gmail inbox looking for flight information that it will put on the lock screen along with your flight number and seat number. And the widget will remind you about upcoming events from your calendar, reminders, and work profiles.

Some other pretty nifty tricks include showing shopping lists and Google Pay rewards cards when you happen to be in certain stores that support the feature. Bedtime shows what time you plan on going to sleep from the clock app. With Connected devices, you'll see the status and battery info for devices you have connected to your phone using Bluetooth.

It's not certain whether the update is limited to the "At A Glance" widget for the Pixel 6 series

Other cool features include one that shows who is at the door when your doorbell rings. Fitness shows your latest fitness information from the fitness app. Flashlight reminds you when the phone's flashlight is on. You can also seek a safety check countdown from the Personal safety app, and the widget will also show timer and stopwatch information from the clock app.

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If you don't own one of the Pixel 6 phones, you might not see the new capabilities for the widget since they might be limited to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Even now, the new features are not yet live.

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