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500 Firepaper, a live wallpaper app developed by Chainfire, gets updated to version 2.0

If live wallpapers are your cup of tea, then you probably have stumbled upon 500 Firepaper for Android devices. It's a free wallpaper-centric app, created by one of the most popular XDA developers – Chainfire. 500 Firepaper makes use of 500px's vast database of photographs in order to provide your device with beautiful wallpapers that change after a predefined amount of time. The nifty app has just become a lot better and more useful, as Chainfire updated 500 Firepaper to the milestone version 2.0.

One of the most notable improvements enables the app to keep cached images from 500px for up to 7 days – the website normally allows images to be cached up to 24hours. Fortunately, Chainfire and 500px have worked together on the matter and the existing time limit has been extended exclusively for 500 Firepaper – this means that you can use a certain image as a wallpaper for as long as 7 days. Good job, Chainfire! Still, you are required to purchase the Pro version of the app in order to benefit from this extended cache period.

So far, so good, but what happens when you stumble upon a breathtaking photo that deserves to be beheld on a larger display? Well, you'd probably try to pin it so that you can view it on 500px later. Version 2.0 of 500 Firepaper makes this a child's play – a new option allows you to simply tap three times to open the app's history and find that mesmerizing sunset that graced your home screen yesterday. 

Additionally, Chainfire has implemented hardware acceleration in 500 Firepaper. This feature is in experimental phase, however, so it is not as stable as intended at the moment. Moreover, the developer clearly states that he is not aware if the hardware acceleration will drain your precious battery life faster.

Apparently, there are even more changes in tow, but Chainfire does not go into detail about everything he has improved. All we know is that version 2.0 of 500 Firepaper comes with a lot of enhancements under the hood.

In a conclusion, we highly recommend that you go ahead and try 500 Firepaper. It is a great customization tool that makes sure you never get tired of your wallpaper. Chainfire's app is also compatible with Muzei, another popular live wallpaper app that we reviewed some time ago. Don't hesitate to check 500 Firepaper out!

Download: 500 Firepaper (Android)

source: +Chainfire via XDA
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