50 million Lumias have been activated, says Microsoft

50 million Lumias have been activated, says Microsoft
Microsoft recently held an event in Germany, and during the festivities, the software giant announced that 50 million Lumia units have been activated.  In addition, the stats revealed that there are 560,000 developers for the platform. And how hard have they been working? Well, Microsoft says that there are 320,000 apps currently offered in the Windows Phone Store. Last December, that figure was 200,000, growing to 250,000 by this past April. Back in October 2012, there were just 120,000 apps in the Store.

Will the Windows Phone Store ever catch up to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store? You might recall that at one time, the App Store had a humungous lead over what was then called the Android Market. In March 2010, the App Store had 170,000 apps available, compared to 30,000 for the Android Market. That ratio of better than 5.5 to 1 is all gone. Now, both stores have over 1 million apps with the Google Play Store in the lead. The most important thing to note is that device sales drive these numbers. Developers have a greater incentive to write for a platform if there are a large number of potential app buyers using it.

According to Windows Phone cross-promotion network AdDuplex, 90% of Windows Phone handsets in use are Lumia models. This gives you an idea about the number of total Windows Phone handsets that have been sold. Considering that the Lumia name now belongs to the same company that developed the Windows Phone OS, we most likely won't see Lumia models dip under that 90% threshold for a long, long time.

source: WMPoweruser

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