$50 iPhone case boosts Wi-Fi signal by 50%

Having a protective iPhone case is a great idea, but having a protective iPhone case that also adds some kind of extra functionality is even wiser. One such case is the new Linkase, made by a company called Absolute. The neat thing about it is that it can boost the smartphone's Wi-Fi signal reception, thus making sure you have a fast, solid connection to Wi-Fi networks.

The magic lies in the electro magnetic waveguide (EMW) module, which resonates with the iPhone's Wi-Fi antenna when extended. According to the accessory's maker, that will boost Wi-Fi reception by up to 50%. 

Unfortunately, the Linkase is not available at the moment, but it should launch within a month or two. The accessory will retail for about $50 and will come in 5 different colors.

source: Absolute via SlashGear

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